Your Girlfriend Hopes you Listen to My Podcast

You’re happier than you’ve ever been, you smile constantly, you brag to everyone you know. Things are amazing, you’re in a great relationship. Why isn’t she climaxing as much as she could be? She’s gorgeous, you’re a fox, you’re both healthy, what could be the problem? If this sounds like you, or if you just downright love talking about sex, check out this episode of Mad About It. Its a 20 minute guide to the female orgasm geared towards frustrated partners.

There are 3 big steps:

  1. Communication

2.  Trust

3.  Physical Know-How

Take these steps to heart and you will be able to effortlessly and consistently please your partner in less than half the time. Of course, like all good advice, you have to actually put it into practice and do the work in order for the results to happen. Sorry, no quick fixes, but there are some helpful tips for those of us that don’t like talking about sex out loud.

Trust me, your girlfriend wants better orgasms. This way you don’t have to buy that weird fancy overcompensating sex toy, you can just listen to this free podcast and get to work.

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