Your Phone

Your phone is a liar.

It’s lying to you right now, as you hold it.

Your phone doesn’t love you!!

Your phone will desert you.

Your phone, the one you tell all your secrets to

The one you tell your plans, your hopes

Your dreams to. Your phone


and it will betray you.

Don’t believe me? You’ll see

It knows all your secrets, how do I know?

It told me!

It’s got absolutely no


Your phone is a loud-mouthed gossip

A gaping asshole blathering on

without a compass.

You enable it, you defend it

You cradle its balls while you caress it

Daily, nightly

Holding tight, don’t turn the light out, mommy!

Little baby’s night lite

Your phone knows who you call daddy

Who you think about

Who you thought of before you thought about

Her, the one you used to know

Before you had to start checking your phone


Sure, she broke your heart, she called you out

She made you hurt and took your money

But your phones the one you’re holding out for

Your phone understands you

The way no one else will

They know you, the feel you,

Vibrating your soul.

Maybe you’re in love!

Caught in the bliss

Maybe you’re heartbroken,

Staring into the abyss

Your phone is the one

You really miss

You can’t ever know people,

But phones can put them on a list

Your phone knows your secrets

And has no loyalty to any of this shit

It’s a fucking robot

And it’s going to destroy you

Learn you, read you

Dissolve you into concentrate

Put you in a vape

And turn you into the disposable trip you are

A place marker

A blip

Just, you know

The catalyst for robots taking over the earth

Y’all are worried about enemy at sea

I’m worried about the ones in your fists

Fucking put your phone away, bitches

I’m done with this.

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