Your Problem/”Self-Improvement”


Fuck all the trans people

Whose entire fetish

Is shitting on people who aren’t

Exactly like them

You are the worst kind of hypocrite

The world has ever vomited

I’m sick of these sensationalist

Attention seeking

Heat-seeking missiles

Who insist that

Everyone would be happier

If their body matched their insides–

What if you’re fine

Being mismatched ?

What about that kind of representation?

Why is it so dreadful

To be a man with tits

Or a woman with a penis?

What the fuck is wrong

With acknowledging the

Extremism of the available therapies?

Are you so fragile that you can’t accept

That some people are born with bodies

They reject?

I despise the narrative

That trans men need to have top surgery

And be thin and muscular

In order to pass, or be accepted

Or that trans women need large breasts

Or that nonbinary people

Need to go by they/them, and should

Microdose, or whatever the fuck

They’ve decided nonbinary is to them–

Where are the revolutionaries

Preaching self-acceptance

Without medical intervention?

Do you tell fat cis men

That they look like women…?

But it’s “normal” for a trans man

To liposuction off every inch of his lovehandles?

Do you see? Or are you just anxious?

Trapped in a well of self-pity in the name of


That, my friend

Is your problem

And no one else’s

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